You Are Home




We exist to be who we are.

Every experience can provide us with an opportunity to see beyond who we think we are to the essence of our natural being. In experiencing the essence of our true selves we can live with integrity to who we know ourselves to be. This essence of who we are is what I seek to uncover in my work as an aspiring philosopher and mental health advocate. I seek to understand how our minds work and what is at the heart of our unique experiences.

I also enjoy playing music, writing about my experiences and working as a massage therapist. If you want to know more about any of these activities you can click on one of the image links below or get in touch.

The ‘Chit Chat’ podcast

A podcast about life, love, creative expression, soulful conversation and spiritual exploration in understanding that we are all free to be who we are.

I developed the ‘Chit Chat’ podcast to explore and discuss diverse topics around our experience of life. I am fortunate enough to have conversations with some wonderful people about subjects they feel passionate about. You can listen to the episodes below.

To listen to more episodes you can follow the links below the player to Apple iTunes or Spotify.

Photo credit: Lee Preston