Everyone is free.

It’s difficult to know how deep this feeling of freedom goes until we chase it right to the bottom of our experience of being. In doing that, not only do we realise our inherent freedom, but also the freedom of every single living being on the planet – In the universe. We are all free.

Everyone is free.

It’s not something that we can even describe in words. It’s a felt knowing. A deep experience of finding the truth within your own being and then really seeing that this is a universal truth. We are free.

We are all free.

In embracing freedom it looks like having the power to make choices. It looks like feeling able to say “Yes” when you want to and “No” when you want to. It looks like taking care of your body and your loved ones. It looks like making sure that everyone is ok, as many people as you can take care of. It looks like love. It looks like love nurturing love. Peace taking care of peace. Life taking care of life.

Love is freedom. Love is that heady beautiful feeling of knowing that no matter what, everything is ok. Just fine. That we can let go of needing to control or take care of life beyond doing what we feel we need to in the moment to be ok. It looks like being who you are.

Freedom is being who you are. Unconditionally and without fear. It is finding that safe channel between you and the rest of the universe knowing that you can continually express yourself into it. Knowing it will be received, understood and acknowledged. It is clarity.

Freedom is clarity.

It’s knowing that who you are is who you were always meant to be. Dancing with the flow of life. Unhindered. Unburdened, light and free. It is expressing yourself clearly and knowing that no obstacle can get in the way of your conversation with the universe. That there will always be space for this. For communication with what is. For connection to the present. For being who you are. There is nothing that can get in the way of this. Of you being you. Of life being life and the joyous connection you feel to it.

There is lots of light in this. There is openness. There is liberation. There is seeing all there is to see and being all there is to be. There is recognising truth and seeing through the bullshit that binds us. There is knowing that no one is exempt from this feeling. There is knowing no one is exempt from this feeling.

No one is exempt from this feeling.

We are all free

Everyone is free.

Lots of love,

Shaneen x

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