Finding a Soul Path

Woodhall Lake in the Summer

As I stepped away from the bright lights of everyday modern society I found myself in a quiet dark.

A soft space in the forest of life that felt nourishing, enriching, and a reminder of who I am.

I sat for a while in this soft simple space. Allowing my eyes to adjust to the dark.

Sights and sounds of the bright urban landscape can still be seen and heard in the distance, but it is far away enough that I can feel my inner world coming to life.

Visions emerge from within like a carnival of sound and colours.

Against the mellow night I enjoy their stories and imagery as I watch – enveloped in a sense of deep peace.

I see that I am safe.

I feel the energy of life in my body.

The sensations of my heart beat and the air in my lungs offers a reassuring sense of being grounded in a state of natural being.

I awaken to a feeling of being connected in this forest of life.

The lights and sounds of the city landscape not separate from who I am – it is existing in this moment as I am – it is just not enmeshed in the experience of who I know myself to be.

I know I can be connected and at the same time not engaged in whatever is going on around me.

I breathe into this feeling of comfort and solitude and enjoy the flow of thoughts in my mind.

I know that this is who I am.
A form of life.
Here to experience whatever is present in the moment.

From this space I uncover the light of life within me.

I am not alone.
All of life is present in this moment with me.

I feel a sense of love and compassion flow as I awaken to true love.

In love with this existence.

In love with this experience.

With the mind, my body, this heart and curious soul.

I take a breath and stand in this patch of the forest. Now lit with the light of awareness apparent from within myself.

I see the glisten of green on the leaves of the trees – showing off their natural beauty.

I see what I have the ability to do.

I can help to awaken others to the light of their inner life and to see that it can guide their steps.

I walk with the light shining bright within my mind and head down to the sights and sounds of the city.

No longer afraid, no longer in need, but aware of who I am and what I can do.

I find the path that feels good for me. Following my inner knowing and curious desires. I find my way back to the people. I find the ones who feel like love to me, and continue to live a beautiful life.


What does your soul path feel like?

Are you open to exploring it for yourself?


Musician | Spiritual Philosopher | Massage Therapist

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