Playing music is one of life’s many pleasures

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.


I am a lover of music and have been for as long as I can remember.

I was raised around musicians and this early exposure to music set the roots of my lifelong love affair with rhythm and grooves.

I’ve picked up a few instruments throughout my life, but the one which has stuck is the bass guitar.

I started playing bass when I was about 17 and fell in love with it from then on.

I find bass grooves mesmerising. They move me from a deep place and I can’t help but dance along to them. I love the frequencies, and the richness of tones from the bass guitar. They resonate with my deep and soulful nature.

I began by learning bass tabs for songs by bands like Nirvana, Muse and Led Zeppelin. Soon after, I joined my first band – The Creeks – in which I started writing bass riffs of my own. I then went on to play in bands with my husband, Jamie Mooney (Beneath The Oak, Child Loses Arm, Neuts). His music inspired me to expand my playing ability and understanding of unusual time signatures.

The band I play with now is called Kath and The Kicks.

I joined in July 2018 and we clicked right from the start. I think it’s because we each have a positive vision for the future which encompasses a lot of drive, humility, love and enjoyment for everyone involved.

Kath Edmonds (lead singer and guitarist) is an amazing songwriter, and Matt Larkin is one of the most solid and talented drummers I’ve ever played with. They’re both incredibly skilled musicians and they inspire me to develop myself and express the best of my musical abilities.

If you want to hear some of our music you can check out the links below.

Matt Larkin – Drums. Kath Edmonds – Guitar and Vocals. Me – Bass and Backing Vocals.
Photo credit: Aeris Houlihan

Keep up to date with what the band are doing by checking out the Kath and the Kicks website.

You can also follow us on social media (we always love to see new fans and followers).

Essential oils help me stay in tune.