Uncovering the creative field.

What is present underneath what you think?

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The creative field of existence.

The thoughts we think, the body we navigate, and the circumstances we live in are all being expressed into this infinite and universal space.

This space (as I understand it) is like a womb for life. An empty space from which, and a platform upon which, all life is expressed and apparent in awareness.

Being made aware of this space has inspired me, in the most fulfilling of ways, to understand the freedom I have in life to take action.

I have no idea what this field is.

I don’t know what it’s made out of, how, or why it was created. I doubt I ever will know for sure, but what I do know is that I understand it — and I experience it from within my mind.

I imagine it like the inside of a television, and like a television it has no opinion or personal judgements about what is being received and displayed through it. It just works in receiving information, processing it, and then projecting it onto its screen so it’s visible.

I see the field of creativity working in this way. The information of life is transmitted, received and projected throughout this universal field, and that’s what we experience as life.

When we see this for ourselves — that the thoughts we think, and the experiences we have are being projected into this universal space — we can access this deeper understanding of the neutrality of this divine and creative field.

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In uncovering this understanding for myself, I found that I was less affected by the thoughts I had in mind, and felt more responsive to the life I saw existing around me — in recognition that all life is apparent and observable in this clear and present space.

I saw that I could express myself in a way that felt good, pleasurable and enjoyable.

I saw that there was nothing in this space with any power to control me and that I could flow in being my natural self. I saw that there wasn’t any threat to my innate wellbeing and that I was free to navigate this creative field in any way – or direction I wanted to, in exploring life as a whole.

As I started to observe thoughts in wholeness in this field I came to see them as offerings of life that allow me to experience the essence of something, or someone. Seeing thoughts in this way meant that they stopped being a problem I needed to try and manage or do something about.

The content of what we think, to me, isn’t anywhere near as interesting as the fact that we do think, that we have this ability to think, and that our experience of life is being generated by this stream of thinking.

What can mess us up in life is when we engage in the content of our thoughts believing it to be a true reflection of the way things are.

When we think our thoughts are appearing as orders, premonitions, or directives — telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, we can lose sight of a deeper truth of life. From what I’ve seen there can be truth contained in thought, but thought can also be wholly creative and so checking in with our deeper sense of wisdom and intuition can be a steady guide in knowing when to take action based on the thoughts we think.

Uncovering your unique artistry
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As good (or as bad) as human beings have ever been throughout the course of history, we have never been able to influence the way the earth moves around the sun — or how the planets and stars align.

The universal functioning of life continues to do what it does, in the way it always has, regardless of our human behaviour.

To me that means we are always off the hook — universally speaking.

Free to play, experiment, and be creative in the way we take action. There isn’t any part of us which is bound by the way we’ve done things in the past, or by what has been before. We are in essence, free.

Free to try new things.

Free to play with new ways of expressing ourselves.

Free to open ourselves up to new experiences.

So does being off the hook mean that we don’t have to be aware of how our behaviour might affect people and the life existing around us?

No. I don’t think so.

Understanding that I am universally off the hook has made me more aware of what I do, and of the actions I take. I feel more considerate of the life existing around me and have a deeper insight into the impact my behaviour might have. I feel respectful of the freedom and love that is offered to every living being.

In experiencing this I feel liberated to enjoy and appreciate the relationships I have — with an understanding and recognition of the truth that all forms of life are temporary.

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash

As we observe and explore this space and field of existence, with the understanding that we are free to be in it – and play in it, we can be more creative in the way we experience, utilise and express our thoughts and feelings to one another.

We can dance in the flow of thoughts that feel good and can — with a healthy disrespect — ignore the ones that don’t.

We can find a way of expressing ourselves that aligns with the essence of who we are in nature. Our true selves. The self that exists beyond who we think ourselves to be.

Life then opens up into being this beautiful, expansive experience of observing the essence of expression for what it is — and of seeing what is possible for us to do in this unlimited, clear and neutral field of creativity.

Lots of love, Shaneen.


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